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5 steps to choosing your next caterer

It can feel stressful at times to come up with how to plan an event and work out what sort of catering you should organise.

Here are 5 tips for choosing your next caterer:

  1. Make sure the food is easy to prepare and doesn’t require several steps to put together. Some caterers offer all sorts of fancy menu’s and additions, which simply add to the complexity of the meal. If there is any kind of pressure or something goes wrong on the day, it can mean that pieces get missed, food gets burned or something just doesn’t quite look at beautiful as it should. With a Spitroast buffet, everything is prepared in advance and we arrive with all your food ready and delicious – no fumbling about just before your meal should be served.
  2. Pick something just about everyone will love. You might enjoy that duck with cous cous dish but what about your little nephew or your uncle Jack from down South? Spit roast meals are delicious, traditional and very quintessential New Zealand good tucker!
  3. Make sure your caterer can come to any venue. Sometimes you want to have your event in a barn, on a farm or in a house you’ve rented on the beach. Many caterers require kitchens to set-up or cook your food. This can be a hassle or restrictive on where you can have your event. With, you can have your event at just about any location! All we need is power for the spit, some running water and some kind of covered space to serve. We have even done events with a generator!
  4. Make this an occasion. No-one likes a boring catering company at their event – who cares about ABC Catering! is the real deal – we come with a spit and you can watch the meat rotating! It is fun, easy and a great memory for years to come.
  5. Minimise your stress and work-load. The last thing you want to be doing is worrying about your event, whether the food is going to be good, if the caterers are going to show up on time etc. etc. We have been running for over 25years and think of everything when it comes to your event. We bring everything you would need to do the catering and do all the clean up too!

Holding your event should be a fun and exciting day. With you will know that your guests will receive friendly service and a delicious, filling meal. The best part is, it is all super easy to book and we do all the clean-up for you.

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